Jasmine Toulouse has been taking her first steps in constituency no. 1 (Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest (GRNO)/Port-Louis Ouest) for about two weeks. But his presence disturbs supporters of the Labor Party (PTr). Around fifteen “die hards” and other “faithful” reds are reportedly on the verge of resigning in protest. A resignation letter is reportedly in preparation and should be submitted to the PTr staff in the coming days.

According to reliable sources, the defeated candidate of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) in constituency no. 14 (Savanne/Rivière-Noire), in the 2019 general elections, would have been catapulted to no. 1 to replace Anabelle Savabaddy who been ousted from the PTr for about three weeks. The Reds, who say they are “historically well established in this constituency”, take a very dim view of the presence of Jasmine Toulouse. The fact that she is strongly anticipated to be a candidate for No. 1, alongside Fabrice David (PTr) and Arianne Navarre-Marie (MMM), does not help. “We are against the fact that Jasmine Toulouse is a candidate in constituency no. 1. 'Nou pa dakor! We don't know where to go MMM in the next day, insists a Labor agent. When questioned, Jasmine Toulouse declared this: “My candidacy has been confirmed. This is why I announced my presence in the constituency. This decision results from an agreement between the leaders of the alliance. We must unite and not choose the wrong opponent. Our goal remains the same. I am delighted to be in Constituency No. 1 and to work with agents from all three alliance parties. » ]And on the PTr side? We argue that these are just rumors. “We are not aware of any disapproval. It’s surely fake news from the MSM (Militant Socialist Movement; Editor’s note),” said the president of the PTr, Patrick Assirvaden.

“The two leaders are still in discussions. It is normal that there are difficulties, concessions and sacrifices. Nothing is finalized yet at this stage. Everyone must show discipline and solidarity, because the most important thing is to put the government against the wall,” underlined, for his part, the deputy leader of the MMM, Ajay Gunness.

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