Allegations against police chief Anil Kumar Dip over state vehicles were raised on the show Au cœur de l'info hosted by Jean-Luc Émile on Tuesday, July 2. An anonymous letter sent to the Financial Crimes Commission (FCC) denounced the police commissioner. Hervé Duval says the Prime Minister should have given explanations on this matter.

Communication and transparency were also discussed in the program Au cœur de l'info hosted by Jean-Luc Émile. The dismissal of Minister Vikram Hurdoyal and the controversy surrounding Minister Maneesh Gobin's participation in the “Stag Party” were cited as examples. The guests on the program discussed this issue.

Regarding the controversy over the commissioner's cars, Me Hervé Duval explains that the whistleblower had several platforms to report it instead of sending an anonymous letter. “I have an aversion to anonymous letters. It's a sign of cowardice. We give them credence when they are addressed to an organization (FCC) that is an aberration for our democracy,” he says.

He also makes a distinction between the police commissioner and Anil Kumar Dip. “His role is important. Anil Kumar Dip also has rights. The commissioner cannot spend his life responding to allegations. In Mauritius, unfortunately, our agencies are trivialized,” says the lawyer.

Me Hervé Duval says the FCC could decide not to investigate. “The biggest gift you can give a corrupt person is to send them to an agency that can stop investigating without having to be held accountable,” he says.
He points out that Article 93 provides for a procedure in the event of misconduct. According to him, this procedure protects the body. However, he indicates that the law provides for the establishment of a tribunal that can suspend a person holding a constitutional position if they are found guilty. “We could set up a tribunal to suspend the person,” suggests Me Hervé Duval.

Me Hervé Duval also believes that the Prime Minister, who also holds the Interior portfolio, should have enlightened the population in the context of this controversy. “He should not have waited for a question to be asked. He should have held a press conference. He cannot ignore that a controversy could raise doubts concerning a person holding a constitutional position,” he adds.

As for the observer and former editor of the Militant, Ananda Rajoo, he suggests that the anonymous letter accusing the police commissioner could be “a disguised dismissal”. He raises the question: “Why is this letter coming out now? For how long were the cars used, if at all? Is it not a disguised dismissal? It is as if the letter was written by an investigator with all the necessary elements.” Ananda Rajoo adds that “a culture of omerta” has taken hold in Mauritius.

According to former Minister of Good Governance Sudhir Seesungkur, for the sake of democracy, elected officials must be accountable to the people. “Transparency is important for the smooth functioning of democracy and institutions. The people have a right to clarity.”

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