Me Saïd Toorbuth was not only the lawyer of former minister Siddick Chady in the Boskalis affair, but also a member of the family. “I was a privileged witness to all his problems, all his struggles,” he confided this Monday. The lawyer went to the former minister's residence in Belle-Rose to pay his last respects. The former Labor minister and ex-president of the Mauritius Ports Authority died Sunday evening at the age of 73.

Me Saïd Toorbuth says he has regrets. Siddick Chady, he said, was convicted on the basis of a “big lie.” “We did not obtain permission from the Privy Council to appeal on this point, as they considered that it was not in the public interest. That’s my big regret,” he said.

The lawyer says he has supported Siddick Chady for the past fifteen years. “I visited him in prison. He was jovial. He kept his spirits up. He did not want to visit his doctors to examine the condition of his arteries, because he did not want the press to have the impression that he was running away from prison to see his doctors. He said he was going to do it when he got out of prison,” he relates.

The funeral of Siddick Chady will take place at 6:30 p.m. this Monday at the Riche-Terre cemetery.

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