Dr Das Mootanah, first Chief Executive Officer of Metro Express Ltd, leaves his post.

“After 6 years at the head of Metro Express Ltd, I was recently offered a new opportunity and, after careful consideration, I am preparing to leave for new horizons,” he wrote on his Facebook page in the evening of this Tuesday, June 25.

Below is Dr Das Mootanah’s “post”:

Embracing past achievements and venturing to new horizons!
After 6 years at the helm of Metro Express Ltd, I have been recently offered a new opportunity and after much reflection, will be moving on to new horizons.
Very proud of our achievements at MEL, including delivering the biggest and most complex infrastructure project in Mauritius within record time and budget. We successfully completed Phase 1 in October 2019 and commercial operations began in January 2020, followed by the delivery of the other phases up to Phase 3 in January 2023. The metro has been fully operational for over a year, serving thousands of people daily. I am also proud of our sustainability initiatives, including the development of the multidisciplinary Ebene Recreational Park, multiple social parks along the alignment, and the solar project.
Through the Metro Express project, a new Engineering and Innovation Era emerged, providing transferable skills in engineering, project management, innovative leadership, change management, risk management, stakeholder management, collaborative working techniques, integrated operations planning, assurance, and asset maintenance. MEL now boasts a great team of experienced senior railway professionals to continue the mission.
I want to express my gratitude to the staff of Metro Express, the Board, Honorable Minister Ganoo and the Honorable Prime Minister for the trust over the last 6 years. Together, we developed the Metro Express project into a successful endeavor that is internationally acclaimed. I'm proud to have served the country and to have led many staff members in addressing many challenges successfully.
It is of course with a heavy heart that I will be bidding farewell to everyone to whom I have worked with day and night to make this project a success among so many challenges.
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