• Akshay Soneea, 30, provisionally charged with sexual abuse of a minor

The relatives of young Razia (not her real name), 13, who searched tirelessly for her by massively broadcasting calls for help on social networks, are more than relieved. The schoolgirl, missing for two days, was finally found on the evening of Wednesday, July 3, 2024. To the great relief of her parents who had reported her disappearance to the Plaine-Verte police station on the afternoon of Monday, July 1, 2024.

“Boy, I told you if you came back to your daughter, she won't go back,” Razia's mother said after their reunion. She was referring to a man named Akshay Soneea. The minor was staying at the 30-year-old bus conductor's house in La Rosa for two days. He was arrested on Wednesday evening. Razia was hospitalized for medical examinations.

Since the teenager's disappearance, the case has been making the rounds on social networks, with posts and appeals for witnesses. Her parents have traveled to several regions of the country in the hope of finding her. Relatives maintain that the suspect had already met the teenager in the past.

According to the mother, Razia had been friends with the man on TikTok for a while. “I don’t have a phone. He used his cellphone as a friend of a schoolmate. We don’t give him a cellphone because of TikTok problems,” she said. The teenager allegedly met the suspect on the social media platform using her classmates’ cellphones: “My cellphone is so my friends and I can see him on TikTok.” Razia later got the suspect’s number and they started talking.

One day, the girl allegedly went to his house in La Rosa without her relatives knowing. “The boy threatened me with something. He told me if you were going to come back to me, he wouldn't go back,” Razia's mother claims. Relatives claim that they did not file a complaint at the time because they had found the girl safe and sound. The parents wanted to spare the young man a run-in with the police. Relatives claim that Razia was allegedly manipulated by the suspect. “He told us that he was a fool, he was a fool and he was nobody,” the mother says.

In her statement given to the police in the presence of officers of the Family Protection Brigade, Razia said she was in Mahebourg on Monday afternoon when she met Akshay Soneea. She claimed that she told the collector that she was not feeling well.

Offering her help, he then allegedly asked her to accompany him to his home. The two of them allegedly went to the village of La Rosa. The schoolgirl claimed that the young man had sexual intercourse with her twice while she was in his house.

On Wednesday evening, thanks to intelligence, a police team from the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) of the Southern Division was able to track Razia. A raid was organised at the suspect's home around 9pm. The teenager was found and taken to the Rose-Belle police station. In her preliminary explanations, she recounted the ordeal she says she went through. She was then hospitalised. She will soon be examined by a police doctor.

As for Akshay Soneea, he was placed under arrest on Wednesday evening by the DCIU of the Southern Division. After spending a night in the cell, he was produced before the court. He has been provisionally charged with “causing a child to be sexually abused”. He remains in police custody. He will be questioned by the sleuths on the circumstances in which he took the girl to his home before having sexual intercourse with her. The investigation is under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police Warsallee.

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