This disappearance has caused a buzz on social networks. Rawdah Asseerah Maulaboksh, 13, who attends a middle school in the capital, did not return home after school hours on Monday, July 1. Her parents reported her missing to the Plaine-Verte police station. Yesterday, Wednesday, July 3, the young girl was found in Rose-Belle.

After Rawdah Asseerah Maulaboksh was reported missing, her parents and the police were mobilised in various parts of the island to find her. The Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Port Louis North were called in to investigate the case.

The young girl is said to have gone to the south of the island, to Mahébourg, to meet her Tiktokeur friend. But when she arrived at his house, Rawdah learned that the young man was incarcerated. The teenager even went to Beau-Bassin, according to the testimonies collected by the parents. But it was in Mahébourg that she was last seen on Wednesday, July 3, they said, before they were found in Rose-Belle.

In the days before, the Maulaboksh, residents of the capital, had been plunged into great turmoil: “We are tired of dimounn ki pe dir nou bann fake news.” Sham, Rawdah's mother, says she searched in Port Louis until she received a call reporting that her daughter was at the Mahébourg Waterfront.

For his part, Aslam, the father, feared the worst. “We are going to make a new move,” he told us before his daughter reappeared. He said he did not understand what could have happened for his daughter to disappear like that.

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