Arrested on 17 May 2024, Mohammad Jaabir Papauretty, 26, faces two provisional charges including “threatening to do an act of terrorism” and “possession of offensive weapon”. He is accused of having, on 17 May 2024, been in possession of a homemade bomb and allegedly threatened to blow up the French embassy in Mauritius. The police also found a knife on him.

This resident of Vallée-Pitot, represented by Me Zaki Ramtoolah, is requesting his release on bail and affirms that he will respect all the conditions imposed on him by the court. However, the police have objected to his request. The prosecution is being handled by Me Yovanee Goinden-Seeven, State Counsel. The Port-Louis court will rule on July 8, 2024.

Three reasons were put forward by the police: the risk of recidivism; the risk of absconding given that the suspect has already worked on cruise ships; and the fact that this act could have caused damage, making him a potential danger to the public and the French embassy. Superintendent of Police (SP) Haymandass Ghoora, called to the stand during the debates surrounding the accused's application, explained the circumstances that led to his arrest. The latter, between 11 and 15 May 2024, posted terrorist messages on Twitter concerning attacks in France. An investigation was carried out after Interpol France informed their Mauritian colleagues.

In addition, the police Explosive Handling Unit report revealed that the improvised device used by the suspect was actually a pipe bomb, which would not explode unless flammable materials were present. The SP said the defendant, who has no criminal record, told police that he never intended to commit a terrorist attack or harm anyone. He said he simply wanted to make a short film about radicalisation. Police are awaiting a report from Brown Séquard Hospital before sending the file to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for a decision.

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