Wazil Ally Meerkhan and Dylan Bryan Josue Carman, who are being prosecuted for the murder of police officer Dimple Raghoo and for attempted murder of constable Gilbert Benoit Arlanda, want to be released on bail. Their motion was heard and the police opposed it. The decision of Judge Denis Mootoo is awaited.

Police opposed the bail application of Wazil Ally Meerkhan, 29, and Dylan Bryan Josue Carman, 33. These are the two young pizza delivery men accused of the unpremeditated murder of constable Dimple Raghoo and attempted murder of police officer Gilbert Benoit Arlanda. The tragic incident took place on November 24, 2020 in the parking lot of the Bo'Valon shopping center in Beau-Vallon, Mahébourg.

During the hearing before Judge Denis Mootoo on June 7, 2024, the defendants' lawyers, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Siddhartha Hawoldar, presented the motion for the release on bail of their respective clients Wazil Ally Meerkhan, 29, and Dylan Bryan Josue Carman, affirming that they were ready to comply with all the conditions imposed on them by the Court in the context of a possible release on bail.

Called to testify, Wazil Ally Meerkhan, driver of the vehicle involved, explained his decision to flee. “Sa zour la panik,” he said. Dylan Bryan Josue Carman, for his part, explained that he was in the passenger seat that day.

However, Inspector Rishinand Jugoo of the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) opposed the bail. He said he feared that the defendants would flee once released. He pointed out that during the fatal incident, the defendants ignored Dimple Raghoo's orders to stop, leading to her tragic death by colliding head-on with them and seriously injuring Constable Gilbert Benoit Arlanda.

Rishinand Jugoo recalled that the policewoman, trapped under the vehicle which continued to roll, had been dragged for 500 meters before being freed. He said the defendants subsequently abandoned the vehicle at Valentina Phoenix to flee.

In his pleading, Mr. Sanjeev Teeluckdharry argued that detention should be an exceptional measure, emphasizing the fundamental right to freedom and a fair trial. As for Me Siddhartha Hawoldar, he specifically noted that the defendants were in a state of panic in the face of the police presence and that they tried to flee. “We are not dealing with mafiosi, but with two pizza delivery men who tried their luck by making a drug delivery,” pleaded the lawyer. The judge reserved his decision.

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