The report by Professor Christian Doutremepuich, in the Vanessa Lagesse affair, was dissected in the Assize Court this Friday, June 14. He confirms the presence of Bernard Maigrot's DNA on a sheet requisitioned from the stylist's bungalow in 2001.

The hearing by videoconference of this witness continued at the Assises as part of the trial brought against Bernard Maigrot for the murder of Vanessa Lagesse. The professor explained that in 2009, when he first examined the sheet, he detected mixed DNA from a man and a woman. However, he was unable to compare it with the businessman's DNA because his laboratory did not have Bernard Maigrot's DNA. It was only in 2010 that he obtained the DNA of Bernard Maigrot.

The professor's hearing continues. Remember that Bernard Maigrot pleaded not guilty to the murder of Vanessa Lagesse.

The stylist's body was discovered in her bathtub on March 9, 2001. Injuries were also found on her body.

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