Work in the trial brought against Bernard Maigrot, for the murder of Vanessa Lagesse, continued at the Assises this Monday afternoon, June 17.

The hearing of Professor Christian Doutremepuich by videoconference continued.

The witness stressed that his expertise was requested following a request for mutual legal assistance between the French and Mauritian governments.

The professor claimed that he analyzed more than thirty judicial seals as part of this investigation.

Cross-examined by Me Gavin Glover, lawyer for Bernard Maigrot, the witness declared that on pants that he had examined and which had been secured at the scene of the tragedy, he had found the DNA of Vanessa Lagesse and that of another woman whose identity he could not establish.

The professor maintained that he compared the DNA with the nine DNA samples the police sent him but none matched the profile found on the pants.

The same goes for a blouse that the victim wore on March 10, 2001 in her bungalow, the day of her death.

The expert also argued that on two judicial seals, namely a towel and a t-shirt, the DNA of the victim and that of a man were found.

In both cases, he was unable to establish the identity of this man.

The trial presided over by Judge Luchmyparsad Aujayeb will continue tomorrow.

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