Two unknown DNA profiles, that of a man and that of a woman, apart from that of Bernard Maigrot, were discovered at Vanessa Lagesse. This, after the analysis of the evidence at the forensic hematology laboratory in Bordeaux. This is what emerged from the cross-examination of Professor Doutremepuich on Monday at the Assises.

During his cross-examination by Gavin Glover, Senior Counsel, lawyer for Bernard Maigrot, on Monday June 17, 2024, Prof. Christian Doutremepuich revealed that two unknown male and female DNA profiles were discovered in Vanessa Lagesse, in addition to the one of the businessman. According to the witness, the unknown female DNA was mixed with that of Vanessa Lagesse. This DNA was detected on two pieces of evidence, including pants and a garnet top which were stained with blood.

The equally unknown male DNA profile, he said, was discovered on three pieces of evidence, namely a sheet, a white towel stained with blood and a pink T-shirt. The unknown DNA found on the sheet was mixed with that of Vanessa Lagesse.

These profiles, says Professor Doutremepuich, are unknown, because there is no comparison profile. They do not match any profile in the database that the Mauritian police had sent him.

On the other hand, the professor maintained that, on the evidence examined, he noted Vanessa Lagesse's DNA 58 times in blood stains, 16 times in hair elements and 27 times in contact cells. The witness explained the analysis steps, including research, DNA extraction, dosage, amplification, sequencing and then moving on to deciphering the result.

Furthermore, Professor Doutremepuich mentioned that he only examined the documents sent by the Mauritian police. “I am not aware of the investigation. It's up to the police to see which 'objects' to send, it's not up to me to give my opinion or decide. »

Washing exercise

The witness was cross-examined about the washing exercise that the director of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Madhubala Madhub-Dassyne, had carried out on February 28, 2011. These samples had been sent to the laboratory in Bordeaux. Professor Doutremepuich confirmed that this exercise aims to see if the DNA resists washing. He explained that this examination deserved more deposits of people's cells and not just four samples to have a conclusive result. Testimony concluded on Monday, June 17.

The hearing of the other prosecution witnesses is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18, 2024 before Judge Luchmyparsad Aujayeb.

Businessman Bernard Maigrot pleads not guilty in the Assize Court to the murder of Vanessa Lagesse. The body of the stylist was found on March 9, 2001, in her bathtub at her home in Grand-Baie.

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