The hearing of prosecution witnesses in the trial against Bernard Maigrot for the murder of Vanessa Lagesse resumed in the Assize Court this Friday, May 31. Former police forensic chief Dr Satish Boolell, who had performed the post-mortem on the deceased, was called to the witness box. The doctor suggested that Vanessa Lagesse died of a fracture and dislocation of the spine.

Questioned by Me Audrey Sharon Sunglee, Principal State Counsel, Dr Satish Boolell returned to his autopsy report. The former forensic pathologist explained that he detected more than fifteen injuries on several parts of the stylist's body. Among these, a ligature mark was visible at his neck. According to Dr. Satish Boolell, this injury was caused while the victim was alive. The doctor also suggested that Vanessa Lagesse died between midnight and two in the morning. To reach this conclusion, he based himself on the fact that the victim had undigested food in his stomach.

But the former forensic pathologist could not say with certainty whether it was the act of one person or several that led to the stylist's death in March 2001.
Cross-examined by Me Gavin Glover, lawyer for the defendant, Dr Satish Boolell argued that the stylist was the victim of a vicious attack.

Furthermore, three police officers, acting as sentries at Vanessa Lagesse's bungalow, also testified at this hearing. They confirmed that no unauthorized person had access to the scene of the tragedy. The proceedings, chaired by Judge Luchmyparsad Aujayeb, were adjourned until next Monday.

As a reminder, Bernard Maigrot pleaded not guilty to the murder of Vanessa Lagesse. The stylist's body was discovered in her bathtub on March 9, 2001.

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