Kevin Sreeneebus, 33, was found lifeless in his damaged car in L'Avenir, St-Pierre. An autopsy revealed a gash to the abdomen caused by a sharp, thin object and death was attributed to a ruptured aorta. Is it a criminal act or an injury caused by the accident? This is what the police are trying to determine, who will question the thirty-year-old's wife, seriously injured and hospitalized, once she has recovered.

Under what circumstances did Kevin Sreeneebus, the 33-year-old firefighter found lifeless in his crashed car in L'Avenir, St-Pierre, Thursday evening, die? This is what investigators from the Moka Criminal Investigation Division and the Major Crimes Investigation Team (MCIT) are trying to elucidate. The mystery has thickened around this case since the autopsy revealed the presence of a cut in the thirty-year-old's abdomen.

Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department, concluded in the post-mortem examination report that the injury was caused by a sharp and thin object. The death was attributed to a ruptured aorta.

One of the theories studied by investigators on Friday June 14 was that of an act of “foul play”. They also do not rule out the possibility that this cut was caused by the structure of the dashboard of the damaged car. Only investigations will allow them to see things a little more clearly.

They plan to interview Prika, the 36-year-old wife of Kevin Sreeneebus, who was in the car that night, once she recovers. She was admitted to the intensive care unit of Victoria Hospital in Candos after suffering significant injuries. She had to undergo surgery. As of Friday evening, his state of health was considered worrying by his treating doctors.

Already, after viewing the recordings from CCTV cameras and those from the Safe City network, the MCIT obtained confirmation that the young woman was the only one to be in the company of the firefighter at the time of the accident. The car was placed under seal at the Saint-Pierre police station. It will be subject to scientific and mechanical examinations for the purposes of the investigation.

Another element which is of interest to the police: the presence of debris suspected of coming from a bottle of alcoholic drink was found at the scene of the accident. In the CCTV footage, investigators saw that Kevin Sreeneebus with a bottle in his hand while occupying the driver's seat in the car.

“They had gone to visit friends in Calabassses”

Dhanray says his nephew was on leave on that fateful day.
Dhanray says his nephew was on leave on that fateful day.

Dhanray Sreeneebus says his nephew had worked on Wednesday, but was off on Thursday. The young man and his wife Prika, aged 36, then took the opportunity to go out. “They had gone to visit friends in Calebasses,” relates his uncle before adding sadly: “It was on their way back in the evening that they had this unfortunate accident. We don't yet know how this could have happened. »

Their car would have left the road on the M3 motorway (Terre-Rouge/Verdun), at the L'Avenir roundabout, Saint-Pierre. The vehicle apparently ended up hitting a concrete wall located in a gutter. The young man was found dead in the crashed car. His wife, seriously injured, was hospitalized. She had to undergo a delicate operation. As of Friday evening, his state of health was considered worrying.

A former police officer with a bright future

  Kevin Sreeneebus had been a firefighter for five years.
Kevin Sreeneebus had been a firefighter for five years.

Determined, go-getter, generous, altruistic… These are all adjectives that everyone who has been around Kevin Sreeneebus uses when talking about him. This 33-year-old firefighter, whose funeral is planned for this Saturday, June 15, 2024, leaves a big void behind him.

Anand Toolsee, Chief Fire Officer at the airport.
Anand Toolsee, Chief Fire Officer at the airport.

“Kevin had four sisters. He was the only brother and the youngest in the family. He always had the words to make people laugh,” confides Dhanray Sreeneebus, his uncle. After his secondary studies at Dr Regis Chaperon SSS in Belle-Rose, he applied to join the police force.

With his unwavering determination, he managed to pass the selection tests, allowing him to join the police force, a moment of great joy for his family. “He had joined the Special Mobile Force (SMF),” said his uncle.

His qualities had earned him the recognition of the unit responsible for guarding high-ranking personalities. “When he joined the SMF, it was a moment of happiness. Then he joined the Very Important Person Security Unit (VIPSU),” says Dhanray Sreeneebus with pride. “He had worked as a VIPSU for the former President of the Republic, Barlen Vyapoory,” he adds.

Described as a go-getter by his colleagues, Kevin Sreeneebus had his heart on his sleeve. He was always ready to help his neighbor. This is why he wanted to become a firefighter. “He then applied and it was successful for him. He had left the police to become a firefighter,” says his uncle.

The resident of Route Bassin, Quatre-Bornes, had been practicing this profession for around five years. He started out with the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service at Plaisance airport. He was promised a brilliant career.

Beyond his work, what he loved most was spending time with his family. “His loved ones were everything to him. He got married two years ago. He was the one who took care of his mother,” says Dhanray Sreeneebus. “My nephew was a kind and kind person. He never had any problems with anyone. He was happy in his relationship,” he says.

No one could imagine that fate would be so cruel. His death came as a shock to his friends, colleagues and everyone who knew him. “It was a very good element. He was dedicated and diligent,” says Anand Toolsee, Chief Fire Officer at the airport.

“His death saddens us deeply. He left so abruptly. He joined our services at the airport five years ago. It was a very good element. Kevin was a jovial, dedicated and very diligent person in his work. I appreciated him for his qualities. He always wanted to move forward. He was rushing. I feel a pang in my heart. We will miss him a lot,” says his supervisor.

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