Navin Ramgoolam was the guest of honour at a meeting of the Dharmic Sanatan Sabha association in Trois-Boutiques on Thursday evening. He urged those present to vote for change in the upcoming general elections, which he called “more important than the 1967 elections.”

Vote for change in the next general election. This is the call Navin Ramgoolam made many times on the evening of Thursday, July 4, 2024, when he was the guest of honor at a meeting of the Dharmic Sanatan Sabha association in Trois-Boutiques. “The MSM have finished demonizing Bérenger (Paul Bérenger; Editor’s note). When Ramgoolam dies, it is Bérenger who will become the first minister. Where can I find him at the end?” he asked the audience.

The leader of the Reds explained that if a Prime Minister dies, it is the party holding the majority within the alliance that will have to choose the Prime Minister. “We (the leader of the Purples and him; Ed.) can be a political leader who will be there. But we have a future to see that people. There will be a tsunami coming. Not a wave of that. We are preparing the kind of people who will get it,” he said.

He stressed the importance of the upcoming general elections, calling them “more important than those of 1967”. He spoke of freedom: “Bizin lager pou gagn nou liberte. Sir Seewoosagur, the father of the nation, wanted everyone to be free. Today you have to be free and free.”

The Labour Party leader urged his audience to be merciless: “Pa koupe trance.” Pa pans casa e cominite. We work together. We were all there for selection. I can't do that. We are the same people with MMM. Or you can win salt without any choice. Don't feel sorry for me. Don't get Hurreeram (Bobby Hurreeram; Ed.) inn give you a gift. Or you need someone to talk to you. To sanzman come, you must vote. Some people say they are not going to vote. But when he doesn't vote, a lot of people will vote for MSM. Your block. If you are the sanzman, you should vote for sanzman. »

He stressed that power must be wrested from the government. “They must be freed from power. They are in danger. There is nothing greater than liberating a country and letting a nation take the reins of its future. I was prime minister for 14 years. When we lost in 2014, I wanted to retire from politics. But if you want to leave me, I will say no. I will do the same,” he added.

Navin Ramgoolam also noted that MP Ritesh Ramful confirmed that pressure was put on the chairman and other members of the mandir to cancel the meeting since he was the guest of honour. “Fode per momem sa!” he said ironically.

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