Only the Militant Socialist Movement and Linion Moris are truly engaged in the by-election in constituency no. 10. A major deployment is planned for July 11 at Bel-Air SSS college.

D-2 before Nomination Day for the by-election in constituency No. 10, Montagne-Blanche/Grande-Rivière-Sud-Est. While the parliamentary opposition has shown no interest and does not plan to present a candidate, the Mouvement socialiste militant and Linion Moris seem committed to continuing to the end, despite the doubts expressed in public opinion as to whether this by-election, scheduled for October 9, will actually be held.

These doubts originate from the events of 2019. Following the resignation of Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo as minister and MP, a by-election in constituency no. 7 (Piton/Rivière-du-Rempart) was announced, with the presentation of Vikash Nuckcheddy as the MSM candidate, only to be cancelled after the dissolution of Parliament by the Prime Minister in October 2019.

At the government building, the emphasis is on respecting the democratic game with the organization of Nomination Day and the upcoming by-election. Thus, this Thursday, July 11, at the Bel-Air SSS, the MSM will be fully mobilized on the ground, with the expected presence of elected officials and ministers from constituencies No. 9 (Flacq/Bon-Accueil) and No. 10, near the establishment. Parades, banners and other political demonstrations will be deployed to mark this meeting.

It seems almost certain that the MSM's choice will be lawyer Avineshwar Dayal. Within the Orange Party, it is emphasized that the Dayal family benefits from a solid political base at No. 9, recalling that the late Raj Dayal, Avineshwar Dayal's father, had achieved a very good electoral performance there in 2014. The presence of Avineshwar Dayal on the MSM platform on May 1 in Vacoas did not, moreover, go unnoticed.

Contacted by phone to confirm whether he will indeed be a candidate in constituency No. 10, Avineshwar Dayal replied that the choice of the candidate is the prerogative of the MSM leader. Asked about his notable presence on the ground in No. 10, he said that he is active in different constituencies in the country.

Linion Moris will field Neena Ramdenee (see below). On the other hand, the PTr-MMM-New Democrats alliance will not participate. “It would be madness to field a candidate for a by-election that will not even take place on the eve of a general election,” says PTr president Patrick Assirvaden.

The PMSD has also decided not to present a candidate. The Blues have never had any specific ambitions for this constituency, it is argued within the party.

Significant financial cost

How much will the organization of the by-election cost? In Parliament, during the debates during the Committee of Supply, Pravind Jugnauth indicated, in response to an interpellation from the MMM MP, Rajesh Bhagwan, that a budget of Rs 16 million has been projected for the by-election, and a sum of Rs 239 million for the municipal elections.

However, it is reported that no less than Rs 74 million had been spent on the organization of the last by-election at No. 18 (Belle-Rose/Quatre-Bornes). The total amount planned for the next general elections amounts to Rs 330 million.

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