Bruneau Laurette wants explanations about Kavy Ramano. According to him, the minister's name is still on the list of notaries registered with the Supreme Court.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday July 3, Bruneau Laurette said he had sent a letter to the chamber of notaries on this subject, but also to the Supreme Court.

“The chamber of notaries has a duty to open an investigation into this matter,” says Bruneau Laurette. He is thus demanding the resignation of Kavy Ramano as minister, but also as deputy.

Let us recall that the letterhead of his notary's office and the seal were used in correspondence dated April 29, 2024. This document concerns the location of a plot of land in Queen Victoria in Flacq, belonging to a cooperative society.

In response to this controversy, Minister Kavy Ramano issued a press release to explain himself. He stated that he had informed the Association of Notaries upon his appointment as Minister of the Environment that he would no longer practice as a notary as of that date.

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