A couple for four years, the 26-year-old future groom and his 31-year-old fiancée were preparing to celebrate their civil marriage this week. Since May 24, they had submitted their request to celebrate their civil marriage on Tuesday June 18. But they were disappointed. The ceremony was scheduled for Tuesday, June 18 at 10 a.m. This couple had already planned that day. “This date of June 18 also had all its importance for us. Our clothes were ready. We had planned a cake sharing and also a romantic lunch. We also took a few days off in the wake of this civil marriage,” this man confides to Défi Plus. But the day before, it was a shock for them. He receives a phone call from the civil status office in Quatre-Bornes. On the other end of the line, an attendant informs him: “Zot pa pou kapav marye, ena enn obzeksion.” He wanted to know more about the identity of the person who disapproved of their union. The civil status office official told him that he would be summoned by a committee to rule on this objection. This couple says they are experiencing real stress after this refusal from the civil status office to proceed with their marriage. “We are very frustrated. Not just anyone can come forward to oppose such an event,” says this future groom to Défi Plus. On Tuesday June 18, he registered a “Precautionary Measure” at the Pope Hennessy Street police station. L. He clarifies that neither he nor his girlfriend have already entered into a civil marriage.

The civil registry office explains that all civil marriage applications are published on the office's “Notice Board”. And in case of objection, the marriage ceremony is canceled and a panel decides on the case.

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