Police are investigating the presence of 22 bullets in a disused safe at a bank in Port Louis, discovered during a routine check on Friday June 7, 2024. The ammunition was found alongside personal diaries, which which raises many questions about their origin and storage.

What were 22 bullets doing in one of the disused safes of a bank located in Port-Louis? How did they get there? But more importantly, why did you store them there? This is what the police are trying to elucidate, who opened an investigation after the discovery of these munitions on Friday June 7, 2024.

It was the bank itself which alerted the police on Monday June 10, 2024, after an employee found these bullets. What should have been an ordinary afternoon took an unexpected turn for this Universal Banker. She was doing a routine check of the safes, which have not been used since 2016.

That year, the bank ceased safe deposit box services, asking all affected customers to recover their belongings. However, despite three successive notices, certain safes have not been claimed, which gives the bank the full right to open them.

On Friday June 7, 2024, in the presence of an independent bailiff and the banker, the safe in question was opened. It contained the ammunition as well as three personal journals. It belongs to a certain P.

The bank immediately sealed the found items before returning them to the safe in accordance with management's instructions, while seeking legal advice. The police then took over once alerted. Its photographers and investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division attended the scene as part of the investigation. The bloodhounds secured the premises before placing the objects in question under seal.

The discovery of this ammunition in a bank safe raises many questions. Above all, it raises a lot of concern on the part of the authorities as to the possible implications of this illegal possession. The investigation aims to determine the exact circumstances of the case and the reasons why these munitions were stored in a banking establishment.

The affair could extend well beyond the walls of the bank concerned, calling into question the rigor in the management of personal assets stored in financial institutions. The authorities are determined to shed light on this disturbing matter in order to determine who is responsible.

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