According to MP Osman Mahomed, the government borrows to finance its expenses. “They give us gifts, and then the population pays with interest,” he said. For the Labor Party MP, the title of this budget should have been: “Tomorrow looks bleak”. Speaking once again on the value of the Mauritian rupee, he is of the opinion that our currency is heading in the same direction as that of Zimbabwe.

He is convinced that the Minister of Finance is not acting with fiscal responsibility. According to him, this shows “political panic”. He also insisted that important bodies like the Bank of Mauritius need strong leadership.

He also deplored that the government's promise to ensure 24/7 water distribution had not been kept. He highlighted the complications encountered in the implementation of the Rivière-des-Anguilles dam. He indicated that the last two major projects: the Midlands dam and the Bagatelle dam were initiated by Navin Ramgoolam.

He also strongly criticized the government's energy policy. According to him, despite announcements aimed at promoting the use of renewable energies, the government fails to respect its commitments. Statistics Mauritius revealed a drop in production from green energy. He noted the paradox that the use of coal for electricity generation continues to increase.

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