A question from the Mauritian Militant Movement MP, Joanna Bérenger, was removed from the list of parliamentary questions for the session of Tuesday June 25. This was addressed to the Minister of the Environment, Kavi Ramano, and read as follows: “Regarding the Environment Impact Assessment requests, will he indicate how many certificates supporting these requests have been issued? been issued by the office of notary Me Kavydass Ramano? “.

This question is asked in the context of the controversy affecting the latter. Square Deal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd applied for an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) on May 8 with the Ministry of the Environment to subdivide land into 86 residential lots and one commercial lot in Queen Victoria, in the Flacq district.

On April 29, Kavi Ramano's study issued a document to certify that Square Deal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd is the owner of this land. The document bears the notary seal of Me Kavi Ramano. However, the latter is the Minister of the Environment who approves EIA permits. According to the opposition, there is a blatant conflict of interest.

The main person concerned forcefully denied that this was the case on Top FM a few days ago. Furthermore, on June 12, in the National Assembly, the Attorney General, Maneesh Gobin, indicated that Kavi Ramano had “ceased to practice the profession of notary in accordance with the provisions of the law, upon his appointment as minister “.

On Friday evening, Joanna Bérenger told Défi Plus that it was a valid and valid question, because it concerns the responsibilities of a minister of the Republic. “But I think it was easier to dismiss the question rather than answer it. Because their response would have highlighted how many times the Minister of the Environment took money from companies that applied for EIA permits. Which would have highlighted how many times he potentially committed offenses under the Prevention of Corruption Act. I think they had no other solution than to reject it.”

According to her, “ethically, he does not have the right to reject this question, because the population has the right to know if he took money and if so, how many times for EIA requests from whom he took granted permits. It is the population who pays his salary as a minister and he is supposed to be a full-time minister.”

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