“Maurice needs the truth.” These are the words of Cehl Meeah to the press this Thursday, July 11. The leader of the Mauritian Solidarity Front (MSF) presented himself as a candidate during the application process for the by-election at No. 10 (Montagne-Blanche/GRSE).

As the campaign progresses, the truth surrounding the dismissal of Agro-Industry Minister Vikram Hurdoyal and his subsequent resignation as MP will emerge, according to Cehl Meeah. “Elections in their constituency will not win because Pravind is the only one to be elected, because they still do not know the truth about Hurdoyal,” he said. “Government does not win moral votes,” he added.

Cehl Meeah also condemns the absence of the Labour Party during these by-elections: “Kouma li tann Jugnauth li sove”, underlines the leader of the WSF.

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