Neena Ramdenee, a member of Linion Moris, has made her candidacy official for the by-election at number 10 (Montagne-Blanche/GRSE), at Bel-Air SSS college this Thursday, July 11. “Linion Moris is a dynamic, sincere and responsible team. The country must be clean. In this regard, we bring cleanliness, integrity, will, serenity and honesty. We ask the residents of number 10 to ‘krwar dan nou parski nou krwar dan zot’,” said Neena Ramdenee.

According to Neena Ramdenee, “we are not the traditional parties” before launching this with regard to her opponent, Avineshwar Dayal, candidate of the MSM, and to the ex-minister, Vikram Hurdoyal: “mo kapav dir ke seswa pou Son of Dayal or for mistress Hurdoyal, are you not ashamed? Sharam nayba? What can you do to turn your clothes, what do you think about the smell of coffee? “.

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