Have the operating licenses of several off-course bookmakers been revoked in favor of an operator close to the government?

Opposition Leader Arvin Boolell's Private Notice Question (PNQ) focused on the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) in the National Assembly this Friday afternoon, June 14. Responding to the PNQ, the Minister of Finance said he was not aware of those whose licenses had not been renewed.

Renganaden Padayachy announced that a Central Electronic Monitoring System has been set up by the Maurtius Revenue Authority (MRA). This is a real-time betting control system.

By 2025, all bookmakers will be connected to this system.

This PNQ earned the Speaker’s intervention on several occasions. According to Arvin Boolell, the operator in question violated the provisions of the GRA act.

After the last question from the PNQ, while the Speaker of the National Assembly made a statement, Arvin Boolell launched remarks from the other side of the room. Sooroojdev Phokeer then asked him to “withdraw from the chamber”. Which didn't please Arvin Boolell who waved his hand. He was thus “named” by the Speaker.

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