Poomantee Dusoo, 62, did not survive. This Melrose resident had been admitted to the intensive care unit at Victoria Hospital in Candos since June 17 after a terrible road accident. She was sitting in the back seat when the car driven by her nephew left the road in Belle-Rive. The vehicle ended up against a Mauritius Telecom pylon. Since then, the family has been going back and forth to the hospital to be at her bedside. Her relatives remained hopeful that she would recover, but her condition deteriorated. She succumbed to her injuries on Thursday, July 4.

On the night of the tragedy, there were three occupants, including Arvin Dusoo, one of his two sons. The young man tries to remain strong in the face of this terrible loss. “Mone perdi mo larenn, mo lame drwate,” he confides. The victim, whom everyone affectionately called Anita, always had a smile. “Anyone who knew her will tell you that she was a wonderful person. She had a beautiful smile. In fact, I often joked with her and told her that I had inherited her smile too,” he adds.

It is with great sadness that he looks back on the accident. “We were leaving for a cousin’s wedding. We were leaving Curepipe to go to Melrose. On the way back, my cousin was driving my car. I was next to him and my mother was in the back seat. We were all tired, but we were talking, and then in a split second, everything changed. At Belle-Rive, after negotiating the roundabout, we found ourselves in the other lane and ended up against a pylon. My cousin and I escaped without injuries, but my mother received a terrible blow from this impact,” recalls Arvin.

The Quartier-Militaire police arrived at the scene and Anita Dusoo was taken to Victoria Hospital, Candos, with serious injuries. “She suffered a spinal injury,” Arvin added. Four days after the accident, Anita Dusoo was able to speak. “Four days after she was admitted, she was talking, smiling and asking about us. She was worried about my cousin and me. The whole family was there. When we saw her that day, we thought she would recover and be discharged soon,” he recalled.

However, her health subsequently deteriorated. “Her eyes were open, but she wasn’t talking. Her blood pressure had increased, while her heart rate was slowing down. It was very hard. She wasn’t responding anymore. We were gradually witnessing her death,” her son adds, with a heavy heart. Then, on Thursday, July 4, after more than two weeks in intensive care, the sixty-year-old took her last breath.

“We are waiting for a scenario that could happen,” Arvin Dusoo told us. She leaves behind her husband and eldest son who were also affected by her sudden death. The funeral of this mother took place on Friday afternoon.

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