Rumors of an alliance between the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) and the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD) are becoming clearer on the political scene. The government seems determined to court Xavier-Luc Duval, leader of the PMSD, in the hope of consolidating its position.

Sources close to the government indicate that preliminary discussions have already taken place between representatives of the two political parties. “But, for some time, there have been emissaries from both political parties who have activated things behind the scenes for the rapprochement of the leader of the PMSD, Xavier-Luc Duval, and the government. For the moment, the discussions are in an embryonic phase,” we understand on condition of anonymity. The atmosphere in which the discussions took place, it was made clear, was very good. “But, the timetable for holding general elections, even if there will be an MSM-PMSD alliance, remains unknown to this day.

Everything will depend on the four big functions which will be held, in the days, even weeks to come, at the swami Vivekananda convention center in Pailles. We will be fixed once these four functions are completed,” it is specified.

For the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, a possible government-PMSD alliance could represent a major asset, in particular by strengthening the government's electoral base in certain key constituencies such as in no. 1 (GRNO/Port-Louis West), no. 16 (Vacoas/Floréal), no. 17 (Curepipe/Midlands) and no. 18 (Belle-Rose/Quatre-Bornes). As a reminder, since the start of the parliamentary term, a series of compliments addressed to Xavier-Luc Duval, then leader of the opposition, by government ministers, suggest the possibility of a future alliance between the MSM and the PMSD.


Ministers Bobby Hurreeram and Deepak Balgobin recently praised Xavier-Luc Duval. They praised his performance as opposition leader, calling him a vital and respected voice in the chamber. More recently, Xavier-Luc Duval received warm applause after his intervention on the Budget, a sign of recognition rarely granted by his political adversaries. During his speech to the National Assembly a little over a week ago, the leader of the PMSD said this: “This country is not far at all from reaching high-income status. There is prosperity in the country”

Our informant also underlines that the government was impressed by “the large turnout” at the women's congress held at the Swami Vivekananda center in Pailles on Saturday June 1. During his speech, “Xavier-Luc Duval's speech, which revolved around several points, such as the fight against drugs, translated a bit like an electoral manifesto”, we underline. Will the leader of the PMSD bring Patrick Belcourt, from En Avant Moris, into the possible alliance? Reached by telephone, Patrick Belcourt denied any rapprochement with the government. “I am not into political fanaticism. I meet all the leaders out of politeness. As for the alliance between the MSM and the PMSD, I have nothing to say. They know what they're doing. I know what I have to do. And There you go. One thing is certain, it is that En Avant Moris will not get closer to the government. There's no chance. I don't see En Avant Moris allying with the government. I have a line of conduct, but also values,” he declared at Défi Plus on Friday afternoon.

The management of the PMSD refused to make any declaration

PMSD management was contacted by telephone Friday morning. We have been made to understand that we will not make any statement at this time.

Rakesh Gooljaury

Rakesh Gooljaury, the businessman close to the government, would be one of the lynchpins of the government-PMSD alliance. However, he is abroad for personal reasons.

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