The government's repeated beacon calls towards the PMSD in Parliament are raising more and more questions about the materialization of an alliance between the Blues and the MSM.

Within a month, political developments could occur, particularly concerning the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) and the Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD). While the PMSD adopts a discreet attitude regarding a possible rapprochement with the MSM, members of the ruling party no longer hide their appreciation for the PMSD and its leader, Xavier-Luc Duval.

Since the start of the parliamentary term, various government ministers, notably Bobby Hurreeram and Deepak Balgobin, have repeatedly praised the performance of Xavier-Luc Duval as leader of the opposition. More recently, during the past week, Xavier Luc Duval received warm applause after his intervention on the Budget. So many signs that are unmistakable regarding the government's flirtations with the PMSD.

The question remains: will an alliance between the MSM and the PMSD finally materialize, and if so, when? According to various government sources, political developments can be expected after the Budget vote. Things should also begin to become clearer as the deadline for the by-election in No. 10 (Montagne-Blanche/Grande-Rivière/Sud-Est), on October 9, approaches.

However, a source at Sun Trust encourages us to pay attention to the date of July 11, the day of nomination of candidates for the by-election to No. 10. Indeed, this period, coinciding with the Budget vote, could initiate major political developments.

On the side of the government, which already seems to be seriously considering an alliance with the PMSD, reflections are underway on the constituencies where members of the PMSD could be positioned. A strong current within the MSM believes, for example, that Adrien Duval should, in the event of an MSM/PMSD alliance, leave constituency no. 17 (Curepipe/Midlands). Three constituencies were mentioned to accommodate the son of the leader of the Blues: nᵒ 16 (Vacoas/Floréal), nᵒ 12 (Mahébourg/Plaine-Magnien) and nᵒ 6 (Grand-Baie/Poudre d'Or), the latter being considered due to the proximity of Grand-Gaube, where the Duvals reside.

It should in fact be noted that at the time of the alliance between the PMSD, the MMM and the PTr, constituency no. 6 had also been the subject of discussions to welcome a member of the PMSD. Constituency #4 (Port-Louis North/Montagne-Longue) was also considered for Adrien Duval, but given that the MSM appears to favor the candidacies of Lindsay Morvan and Joanne Tour in this constituency, it might be difficult to accommodate Adrien Duval.

The MSM should be able to maintain Xavier-Luc Duval without difficulty at No. 18 (Belle-Rose/Quatre-Bornes). According to a source, even in the event of defeat in this constituency, he could be drafted thanks to the Best Loser System. Patrice Armance is also supported by the MSM for nᵒ 1 (Port-Louis Ouest/Grande-Rivière Nord-Ouest), as is Mahmad Kodabaccus for nᵒ 3 (Port-Louis Maritime/Port-Louis Est).

On the other hand, Aurore Perraud's popularity has declined considerably in No. 4 in recent years, which could prompt her to seek a new constituency, such as No. 19 (Stanley/Rose-Hill). Malini Sewocksingh could consider returning at No. 17, although this also depends on Kenny Dhunoo's situation, as they will not be able to be aligned in the same constituency.

What does the PMSD think of all these negotiations and the signals from the MSM? In response, the Secretary General, Mahmad Kodabaccus, claims to have taken note of the applause of the members of the majority after Xavier-Luc Duval's speech, qualifying these acclamations as legitimate given the quality and intelligence of the speech delivered.

Asked by Le Défi Quotidien about a possible alliance between the PMSD and the MSM, Mahmad Kodabaccus declared that the party was currently in the consultation phase with its base to decide on its position on the political spectrum. “We are in contact with our base and we will make a decision once we have collected enough views,” he added.

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