• Uncle: “Zanfan la inn galoupe when linn tann lotto so granper dan garaz”

Ashiva, a 15-month-old child, died after being hit by a car. The accident occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 26, in the family yard, in La Porte, Providence, Poste-de-Flacq.

The child's grandfather was reversing his vehicle and knocked over the little girl. She was seriously injured and rushed to Flacq Hospital. She was transferred to the intensive care unit at Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis. On the afternoon of Thursday, June 27, she succumbed to her injuries.

The grandfather was arrested on Wednesday June 26. He will answer to a provisional charge of manslaughter this Friday, June 28. He explained to the police that he did not see the child. While he was driving his vehicle and entering the garage, she suddenly appeared. And he couldn't avoid it.

The autopsy attributed the child's death to a cerebral hemorrhage.

“Granper la ti byen kontan sa zanfan la”

The grieving family in Providence, Poste-de-Flacq, was in dismay on Thursday evening. Ashik explains that Ashiva is his brother's daughter. She lived at the family home with her grandfather and parents. “Malerezman, finn ariv enn dram koumsa, granper la ti byen kontan sa zanfan la”, Ashik tells Défi Quotidien.

She spent a lot of time with her grandfather, who cherished her greatly. Ashik relates that the child rushed to the scene after hearing the sound of the engine of the grandfather's car. She entered the garage. “Kan lotto pe rantre, zanfan la inn galoupe vinn kot lotto, lotto la inn tap ar li, linn tonbe. » The child's funeral is planned for this Friday, June 28.

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