An official from Beau-Bassin prison denounced the falsification of his signature on a document. This was used as part of a money loan request. In a statement to Barkly police, the prison's human resources manager, 49, said he received a call from the Mutual Aid Association on Monday, June 10. His interlocutor explained to him that there were anomalies in a document submitted by a security guard, as part of a loan application. The guard works at Eastern High Security Prison in Melrose.

According to the prison official, the Loan Certificate given by the guard includes his signature. But he claims that he never signed this document for this guard. The declarant suspects that the loan applicant forged his signature. He clarified in his testimony that he never gave permission to anyone to put his signature on a document. In his complaint, this manager of the human resources department of the prison services considers that this affair undermines his professional integrity. The police investigation is being supervised by Chief Inspector Rajesh Moorghen of the Barkly Residences police.

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