Luxury cruise in Mauritius

Imagine this scene: gliding across the Indian Ocean, the shimmering sunlight reflecting off the gentle waves, while a member of the crew gracefully presents you with a refreshing rum cocktail. Opting for a private cruise allows for an opulent experience, as you embark on a journey to discover the captivating Mauritius coastline and its charming islets. With their expertise, the experienced crew will guide the yacht towards picturesque hidden coves and the most captivating spots for snorkelling. Along the way, you may even have the privilege of encountering a magnificent group of untamed dolphins!

Whether you decide to spend the day or extend your stay, you have the option to embark on a luxurious yacht or take a catamaran for a delightful day trip. Glide across crystal-clear lagoons, marvelling at the scenic coastline. Simply express your desire, and the attentive crew will locate an idyllic spot to drop anchor, enabling you to take a refreshing dip, explore tranquil hidden coves by kayak, or relax on the deck while witnessing the captivating sunset over the ocean.


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