The Financial Crimes Commission (FCC) provides details regarding the processing of information in the St-Louis affair, concerning Shamshir Mukoon. A press release was issued to this effect this Friday, June 28.

It is not appropriate to use the term “whitening” in this case, the FCC clarifies. Rather, it is the cancellation of a provisional charge.

Indeed, the provisional charge against Mohammed Shamshir Mukoon, former acting director of the Central Electricity Board (CEB), was dropped this week by the magistrate, Gavindren Coollen.

Mohammed Shamshir Mukoon was provisionally charged with using his public office for gratification in the St-Louis affair.

“In the present case, as in others, the court recognized that the abandonment of the provisional charge does not exclude the possibility for the FCC to file the 'main case' in court in the future” underlines the FCC .

Below is the FCC statement:

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