A moment of relaxation on the beaches can turn into a nightmare. Placing your belongings, often under a towel without supervision, can attract thieves. Once you're in the lagoon for swimming, unscrupulous thieves go on the offensive and steal your belongings. This is a worrying phenomenon.

On the afternoon of Friday June 14, a German national went to the Blue Bay public beach to take a bath. While she was enjoying the turquoise lagoon of this beach on the southern coast, she surprised a thief who stole her backpack which she had left on the beach. Panicked, this 29-year-old German vacationer rushed out of the water.

In the meantime, the thief had fled. The tourist then went to the Blue Bay police station where she filed a complaint of theft. A search was carried out in a wasteland a little further away, where the vacationer's backpack was found. But her watch and 600 euros had disappeared. Criminal police investigators have already viewed images from surveillance cameras on which they obtained clues about the thief. The police continued the search and recovered a motorcycle believed to have been used by the criminal. The latter, already identified by bloodhounds, is actively sought.

For some time now, several bathers have complained to the police after their personal belongings placed on the beach had been stolen. In February and March, several vacationers had the same experience. The backpacks of a tourist couple from the Czech Republic which contained two cell phones, including an iPhone, a wallet which contained Rs 15,000 and their credit card, were stolen from the beach. Same fate for a couple of Turkish tourists on the public beach of Grand-Baie. When he got out of the water, he noticed that his backpack which contained the keys to his rental car, an iPhone, a Hugo Boss brand watch, his clothes and other personal effects had disappeared. A Russian tourist also had his personal belongings stolen from the public beach of La Cuvette while he was swimming in the lagoon. Her bag, which contained her clothes, watch, sunglasses, iPhone and jewelry, among other items, had been stolen.

The Grand-Baie criminal police had incapacitated the two perpetrators of these series of thefts on the beaches. The police ask swimmers to keep an eye on their belongings at all times.

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