A significant portion of investments in government projects and infrastructure will come from Special Funds. Around Rs 28.8 billion will come from these funds for public projects over the next three years.

When we talk about 'Special Funds', we are referring more specifically to the Projects Development Fund, which emerged in 2020, the Climate and Sustainability Fund, the National Resilience Fund, the National Environment Fund and the Lotto Fund. The Project Development Fund is expected to provide 82.4% of this Rs 28.8 billion. Around 43% of public investment will come from the Consolidated Fund, 20% from these Special Funds and 37% from state companies.


Project Development Fund

Created in April 2020, this Project Development Fund finances, among other things, the construction of social housing, road projects and the development of Côte d'Or.

For 2024/25 alone, the government should draw Rs 8.6 billion and a total of Rs 10.1 billion over the next three financial years from this fund to finance social housing. Rs 2.6 billion are planned for road infrastructure and Rs 2.7 billion for Côte d'Or. Rs 466 million will have to be used for the rehabilitation of NHDC apartments.


Climate and Sustainability Fund

The Climate and Sustainability Fund (CSF) is a new Special Fund created with the aim of bringing together all efforts and initiatives, both public and private, “to mitigate and adapt to the harmful effects of climate change”.

The CSF will bring together programs such as coastal erosion protection, country clean-up, sand removal and dredging of rivers and drains, landslide protection works, environmental monitoring and water treatment facilities. solid waste treatment for sustainable use of resources and best practices in waste management, recycling and resource efficiency, construction of drains, national cleaning and beautification actions, circular economy and green, and disaster risk reduction operations.


National Environment Fund

The National Environment Fund (NEF) – formerly known as the National Environment and Climate Change Fund – funds environment-related projects. The NEF covers projects, programs and initiatives in the areas of solid waste management and environmental monitoring and awareness program.


National Resilience Fund

Created in January 2012 to strengthen the resilience of the national economy, the National Resilience Fund's objectives include, among other things, supporting businesses that “show concrete efforts to build permanent resilience”, acting as a reserve fund to support public finances if necessary, strengthen the resilience of the economy and finance programs, projects and initiatives to notably empower vulnerable people and provide employment opportunities for young people.


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