QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsCan we use a marriage schedule for hotel room requirement?
Anonymous asked 3 weeks ago

Hey guys, I have a question. We recently learned that we don't receive our wedding certificate on the day of our marriage. The hotel we're staying at (Lagoon Attitude) requires it for our room, and we're leaving for our honeymoon the next day. Has anyone experienced this and know if they would accept a marriage schedule instead? Thanks for any assistance.

Samantha Louise answered 3 weeks ago

We are in the same boat and I’m guessing lots of others are too. Let me know what the hotel say. We were planning to take the letter from the day too.

Nic Headley answered 3 weeks ago

It’s been a long time for us but we got ours on our wedding day so things could have changed, is it possible someone could maybe take a pic of it and use that? I’m sure the hotel will accept something like that too x

Hazel Dodge answered 3 weeks ago

But you always get the certificate as soon as you sign it!?

Rose Anton-Sattel answered 3 weeks ago

You will receive the Certificate 2 days later .. it must be apostille by the Government in gouvernement house

Lee Killingbeck answered 3 weeks ago

We had the same situation.. married on the Sat flew out on Thursday… spoke to the registrar a d they made a note for fast track and was able to collect from a local government building on the Monday. We stayed at Ambre hotel Belle Mare Mauritius and they had said we could have taken a pic of the signed certificate on the day and they would except that

Michele Westfield answered 3 weeks ago

Can you take a photo of it…just thought? X

Libby Hobbs answered 3 weeks ago

This is the same with us! Were staying in September and get married on the Saturday and fly out Wednesday xx

Sue McSorley answered 3 weeks ago

Can’t you just take a photo of it?

Jannie Calitz answered 3 weeks ago

I am not sure in which country you are getting married but in SA we get the certificate on the same day from the Marriage officer and surely that should be acceptable?
The one received from Home Affairs is then a few days later after it is loaded to the system.

Margo Van Houdt answered 3 weeks ago

If you can provide anything that states your wedding date, they will provide you with a gift. Tea box, and a tote bag.

Gemma Murden answered 3 weeks ago

Depends on what day you’re getting married. We got married last November at Victoria Beachcomber on the Tuesday and were flying out to another destination on the Wednesday afternoon. Our wedding coordinator knew this and although she couldn’t 100% guarantee we’d have the certificate before we left it was with us by 10am! We’d only just finished our breakfast lol 🍳 you get the marriage licence on the day but not the official certificate. I’m not sure this would be option on the weekend days though as all offices would be closed.

Sarah Lake answered 3 weeks ago

You are having your wedding in the hotel with their wedding coordinator right? If so all good, if you are not getting married at the hotel, you will need to organise something with whoever is marrying you.

Nicky Conway answered 3 weeks ago

We got married last June and fly out in 3 weeks for our belated honeymoon. We got married in church and although we had to wait to apply for our marriage certificate online, we received a card from the vicar/church the day of our wedding. That would have been proof of our marriage. Not sure if you’re getting married in church or venue but hope this may help. Congratulations and have a wonderful day/honeymoon too ☀️

Jenny Jackson answered 3 weeks ago

In this day and age I cannot understand why people marrying in the UK have to wait weeks ! I am sure.when I married 49 years ago we got our certificate on the day !

Denise Jaye answered 3 weeks ago

Ask one of your guests to take a photo of the paperwork you sign on the wedding day and then get them to email/WhatsApp it to you so you can show it to the hotel when you arrive.

Laura Anguerre answered 3 weeks ago

We didn’t know this until arrival. We stayed at 3 different hotels and for 2 we didn’t bother but for the first We just emailed a few pics as proof amd they just compared the pics to our faces. We didn’t really find much difference in it based on a half board package price so we didn’t do it at the next 2 hotels. You still get the same room either way.

Eva Beumers answered 3 weeks ago

You will get a paper from the civil officer after the wedding. Its not the official wedding certification but it’s OK for the hotel.

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