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User asked 2 months ago

I am seeing comments about hotels requiring a dress code for lunch and dinner, including buffets, particularly for men. I understand not allowing swimwear, but I don't understand why they have a problem with smart shorts or open-toe shoes. Some people are suggesting dressing up, but it seems outdated when women can wear short skirts and open-toe shoes. Why should men have different rules?

Kurs Tyna answered 2 months ago

It’s like you going out to eat!!!Its the same dress code policy in all hotels and till now, its been ok. Thats all 🙂

Sanmarie Auret answered 2 months ago

We just got back a month ago. Our hotel had the same requirements, men were very casual, most wore shorts although the hotel asked for more ‘formal’ they did not mind.

Julie Latham Tyack answered 2 months ago

We have been to MANY hotels that require ” formal” wear for dinner. Most people wear shorts with a smarter shirt and there is never a problem. The smarter al la carte restaurants require long pants.

Christine Claassens answered 2 months ago

Just checked out at Mauricia Beachcomber. Saw a lot of shorts, tshirts and casual at dinner. I wore my jeans because it was too cold for my dress. Ladies even had casual shorts on at dinner.

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