QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsIs the extra £3500 for Sugar Beach justified compared to Preskil Island Resort?
Anonymous asked 4 weeks ago

Is the extra £3500 for Sugar Beach justified compared to Preskil Island Resort? The beach at Sugar Beach appears beautiful, but is it challenging to swim or paddle in the water due to the coral, requiring water shoes?

Linley Louise answered 3 weeks ago

Sugar beach vs preskil…it’s comparing the sky and the sea

Lianné Barnard answered 3 weeks ago

Preskil is basically an entry level resort and Sugar Beach is proper 5* – so yes, definitely worth it. Its better to use water shoes everywhere on tropical islands, to protect your feet and the coral, but also for sea urchins. I use them at all times. Can still swim. Its the walking that is the problem.

Helen Lund Vodder Wrensted answered 3 weeks ago

We have stayed at both – and Sugar Beach is worth the extra costs 👍 Preskil is nice but not close to Sugar Beach.

Sophia Dunkley answered 3 weeks ago

We spent two weeks at sugar beach in May with our 1 year old, it was certainly worth the cost! We did all inclusive and it was great. I had swim shoes for us all, we didn’t feel we needed them much to be honest. We used them for paddle boarding (in case we fell off and hit the rocks and coral etc) but otherwise as long as you watch where you are stepping in the shallows it was fine. I would say you need them yes but you can also walk and swim without them too. I just got basic ones from mountain warehouse with grippy thick black soles on, wetsuit material x

Malcolm Dartnell answered 3 weeks ago

Sally Davies Should wear water shoes in the sea no matter where you stay

Mi Gaut answered 3 weeks ago

Ça me rend triste
Des chaussures d eau !
Pas normal ça

Adam Bexson answered 3 weeks ago

Sugar Beach is excellent – we took our kids there last year. Italian restaurant is great and the beach is stunning too.

Water shoes tends to be a country wide recommendation – beach there was great and no issues at all,

Laura Alice answered 3 weeks ago

They are completely different types of hotels and areas, preskil is much more traditional and has a very natural feel about it and I would say you feel less need to dress up it has a very relaxed vibe and and nice to walk to a couple of other beaches nearby.
Sugar beach is amazing but the vibe is definitely not as relaxed . It depends what you want

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