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Anonymous asked 9 months ago

Before we depart tomorrow, I wanted to share a review. For our Honeymoon, we stayed at the Lux Grand Gaube hotel for 9 nights. Although this hotel is not widely talked about, I am unsure why because it is absolutely beautiful. The service is exceptional, the food is incredible with a wide variety in the buffet and delicious options in the other restaurants. We stayed in a wellness suite located in a peaceful adult area, which was fantastic. It was clean, spacious, and stocked with great snacks and a daily replenished mini bar. During our stay, we went on two tours. One was organized by the hotel and it was a South island tour. It was fantastic and our guide was very knowledgeable. We also went on a boat trip that we booked in advance with Mauri Boat Trip. It was truly incredible and a definite highlight of our trip. Both trips included private taxi pickups from our hotel and we were able to see dolphins, monkeys, tortoises, and breathtaking wildlife and scenery. We really don't want to leave! If anyone is thinking about booking this hotel, I highly recommend it. It is truly amazing. ❤️

Mauri Boat Trip answered 9 months ago

Thank you Annewrom Wirthh.. So glad you had a great day with our team… Take care..

Lisa Davies answered 9 months ago

It’s just such a beautiful island isn’t it Annewrom Wirth ? Stef and I loved our stay in Mauritius in Feb xx

Sharon Fury answered 9 months ago

It’s a beautiful resort

Neill Hamersley answered 9 months ago

We want to go back to Mauritius and struggle to see how any hotel can compare to Lux, absolutely loved our stay.

Micaela Moroney answered 9 months ago

Thank you for this review we are staying at Lux Grand Gaube too for our honeymoon in December. Can I PM you with a few questions?

Maureen Field answered 9 months ago

Thank you for your post, we arrive in a month 😁

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