QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsWhere can I safely store luggage before checking in hotel?
Anonymous asked 2 months ago

I arrived on Monday, June 10th at 6:40 AM and realized I couldn't check in until 2 PM. I didn't think about this when booking and checking flight times. I'm sure we can find somewhere to store our luggage safely until we can access our room. Maybe we can pay extra for early check-in? I should pack some shorts in our hand luggage just in case! 😬

Tina Icough answered 2 months ago

We had that, given a room to change in, they took our bags and we were shown round had some breakfast and sat on the beach

Vitus Hoffmann answered 2 months ago

Just use the ressort they will take care of you until room is ready.

Prochi Sookun answered 2 months ago

Request early check in if there is room they will accommodate or else drop your bags and use the facilities till your room is ready

Prima Facie answered 2 months ago

Best to be organised. Most people know you cannot check into a hotel at 7am, unless you have made prior arrangements. Unbelievable…

Krishna Harry answered 2 months ago

Which hotel will you be?

Yeng Channara answered 2 months ago

Most hotels will allow you to leave your cases in a safe place, if the room is ready they may just let you straight in. Have a great time.

Krishna Harry answered 2 months ago

Hotels do keep your luggages and you can use hotel premises in the meantime you get the rooms.

Linda Wood answered 2 months ago

Pack a few bits for the beach in hand luggage, the hotel will let you change somewhere and give you a meal till your room is ready…. you may be lucky and get it straight away. We did. Enjoy you stay

Michelle Collins answered 2 months ago

The hotel we’ve booked has an arrivals/departure lounge so there’s luggage storage, showers etc to freshen up and get changed. Our all inclusive starts as soon as we arrive and right up til leaving for our evening flight. Maybe check with the hotel directly if they have similar

Carolyn Parkinson answered 2 months ago

If Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels package starts from time of arrival regardless when arrive 😊

Lisa Jade answered 2 months ago

A lot start all inclusive as soon as you arrive , good luck x

Josephine Czunys answered 2 months ago

Does anyone know if lagoon attitude AI start when you arrive as we also have an early arrival, we have pack shorts etc in hand luggage thanks

Ildiko McCabe answered 2 months ago

Our resort had a building for luggage storage with changing rooms. We put our swimsuits on, had lunch and hang out by the pool. Then they took our luggage to our room. It was very well organized.

Beverley Parker answered 2 months ago

We had the same and had a doze on a couple of sun beds. When we went to check k in at two she said “your room was ready at 10, I came looking for you!!!”
Didn’t look very far!!

Avita Chetal answered 2 months ago

You will be able to chill in the hotel lounge whilst waiting for check-in. Most hotels have luggage 🧳 hold facilities. Enjoy the sun 🌞 on my beautiful island 🏝

Rita Hubbard answered 2 months ago

We are gonna b in the same situation so I’m gonna make sure my towel and swimwear is at the top of suitcase and go and find a sunbed and chill with a cocktail, enjoy x

Lindsey Powell answered 2 months ago

Are you landing at 6.40am or is that your arrival time? We landed at 7.30 and then got to the hotel around 10am. Our luggage was put away and then we were offered a room to shower and change in if wanted. I asked about the all inc and it started straight away 🎉.

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