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SourCornflakes asked 10 months ago

I've been contemplating going to one of these Mystik festivals as I have never been to a concert or music festival before. I'm curious to know what the experience is like, so please share your experiences. Additionally, I would like to know the ticket price and if attending the festival is worth it.

Ilijin answered 10 months ago

Early birds was sold in a day, which was 1200rs,now it’s in second phase, so 1500rs.

The concert, the place and the food is very good.

Only issues I had, was there is a ton of minors there.

ImaginaryPay2038 answered 10 months ago

To much fights of the creoil people just do go

Efficient_Ad525 answered 10 months ago

Well, Music Festivals are really fun. You have good music, good food, nice vibes and get to meet a lot of your old friends and make some new friends as well.

You’ll see some people vovoing 😂, being drunk and funny 😂

As for the prices, its quite affordable. (Rs 1000 – Rs 2000)

I’ve been to quite a few music festivals and I personally quite like it.

Actually for you to have a good time, It will depend on the people you go with. I suggest that you go with your friends and see for yourself and draw your own conclusions because everyone’s taste is different.

You might like the vibes, music and people being themselves around you.

You might find it as a new way of distressing yourself and cuting off from the actual world.

I would like to see an update post if ever you go to Mystik.

Maleficent-Farm-5179 answered 10 months ago

I used to attend them all back before 2020. DJs were cool. The crowd was great. But rn, the crowd kind of changed now. Kids… wayyy too many kids go there. Drinks are expensive af. Location hasn’t changed since 3 years now. Concept is the same every time. I mean, it could be nice for once in a while but not 3 times a year.

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