QuestionsGeneral-MiscAnyone using Armaf/lataffa ect perfumes in mauritius?
JordanKyle4 asked 2 weeks ago

Whats your feedback on these Luxury dupes , found alot of shops selling them as niche perfumes in mru

Fools__Mate answered 2 weeks ago

I used the Armaf club de nuit before, it was a original limited edition which I got gifted and apparently it’s over Rs 5k. It was a really good parfume, smell really good and was long lasting

Big_Literature_7135 answered 2 weeks ago

Currently using the Lattafa Khamrah and I love it. It smells really good and is very long lasting. Definitely worth it if you like sweet and spicy scents.

Grackboundcheck answered 2 weeks ago

I do use their perfume and imo luxury perfumes is price gouging.

There’s a page called perfumeo on insta. His prices are quite affordable (1200-2400 price range).

PatienceVisual answered 2 weeks ago

I have Lataffa Oud Mood, Lataffa Khamrah, Asdaf Madj al Sultan and they are all good in my opinion. However, better test before buying as they can be overpowering.

thegrandaarony answered 2 weeks ago

Middle eastern dupes rarely miss ngl, they deliver on the promise of replicating, but sometimes they’re really strong especially oud ones

JordanKyle4 answered 2 weeks ago

i was actually on the lookout for an invictus Aqua 2016 Clone which isn’t available on the market anymore.
Found that Hawas , Afnaan 9Am , Lataffa Naj’dia and Rayhaan Pacific are good clones .I think I’ll need to go test it out.

Middle-Commission-85 answered 2 weeks ago

There are indeed a lot of shops selling those but beware there are fake clones as well. Just check ebay and you will find club de nuit from India and China. Even in Dubai, there are so many fake clones.

To be sure you are getting genuine clones at good prices, just watch out sales in the UAE and order through shop and ship.

There are also a lot of variation in prices. Just yesterday, I was checking Lataffa Badee Al Oud in a pop up shop in the middle of a mall. It was prices at Rs2,200 while another one which has a store permanently in a mall sells it at Rs1,650.

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