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Diavjoj asked 10 months ago

Hey everyone, I'm planning on going to Mauritius in November for work and I have a bunch of questions.I'm a 24-year-old French male without a driver's license, and I will be earning a monthly salary of 90,000 MUR.Regarding accommodation, I'm looking for an apartment or a house with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and an extra room. It would be great if it's located near stores, night activities, sports clubs, and the beach. Preferably, I would like it to be in the north as I want to adopt a dog. Also, having fiber internet is a must.I would like some guidance on what a reasonable rent would be for this kind of property, as I don't want to get scammed or pay an excessive amount. Could you suggest any reliable platforms or websites to search for rentals?I've heard that Grand Baie is recommended for European immigrants, but my job is in Port Louis. I will have to take the bus every morning and evening (line 215). Is it feasible to rely on the bus for commuting in the long run? If not, which region would you recommend I look into?Regarding transportation, I will need to travel to Port Louis 4-5 times a week. Are public transportation options easily accessible across the island? Can I use an electric scooter to commute from Grand Baie to Port Louis? If yes, approximately how long would the journey take?Moving on to furniture, what are the essential items I should have in a house or apartment? Are there any specific items to combat bugs and humidity? Coming from France, where the climate is mild compared to Mauritius, I want to be prepared.In terms of banking, I currently have a fully online bank account in France with no fees or agents. Is there a similar option available in Mauritius? I will be receiving my salary in euros, so I will need to convert it to MUR each month.During everyday life, is it possible to mostly use euros for payments, or is only MUR accepted? Can I rely on card payments, or is cash more commonly used apart from larger stores? In France, for example, I can go an entire year without carrying any cash in my wallet and still be able to pay for everything with my card. I was wondering if it's the same in Mauritius.Additionally, I'm curious about how strangers are perceived by the local community (excluding European immigrants). I don't want to unintentionally disrespect anyone due to my lack of knowledge.Lastly, what precautions should I take to prevent robbery or theft in my house? Is it common to buy theft insurance?It would also be helpful to know the average price of groceries for a single male on a weekly basis.Thank you all!

NeedleworkerIcy8160 answered 10 months ago

For rent expect to pay around 20k and the public transport here is terrible so a car is recommended.but you can start with public transport when you get here maybe you won’t mind it.

For furniture most apartments are fully furnished so no worries, but as for bugs it’s just better to live with them, more especially the geckos here, you just can’t get rid of them all. And they are not bad at all.

For the bank I recommend the MCB bank, you can choose the currency, better just use the MUR currency because the account does not have montly charges but it’s a debit account just in case you wanted a credit one.. and also using a local bank account you don’t incure charges everytime you pay with your card.

You can use your card in most places, but if you want to buy from local people around the beach you will have to use cash. Mostly take cash only.

For robbery, just do the basic safety precautions, and the crime rate in Mauritius is very low, it’s a safe country so no worries on that one i dont think theft insurance is necessary btw. And most people here are just minding their own business really so no worries about being perceived otherwise unless you do something provocative of cause.

For groceries just reserve 10k per month.

All in all a good little island enjoy and stay safe

ApprehensiveLight249 answered 10 months ago

Commenting only for the rent -I would suggest a place close to a metro station only for practicality since you do not have a Driving license-otherwise to enter Port Louis is just a pain-else try looking someplace in port louis

JonJonSee answered 10 months ago

Find flatmates, plenty of young frenchs in the north!

Join FB groups.

aspyring answered 10 months ago

**- What are the must have in a house/appartement ?**

Make sure your main bedroom has an AC, the past few years the heat has been atrocious, even in the winter the humidity paired with the heat has been unbearable. If you’re choosing to live on the plateau (QB, Curepipe, Vacoas, etc) you could get away with not having an AC as the temps there are cooler.

**- Can i pay mostly in euros ? Or only MUR is accepted ?**

Only MUR is accepted

**Can i play only with card or paying everything in cash (besides larger stores) is common thing here ?**

You can pay with card in most places but you could also open an MCB account and use this application called MCB Juice, it’s like a Cardless+Cashless payment option where you either just search up the merchant you’re trying to pay on the app or you just scan a QR code. These places generally have a little sign saying you can pay by juice, so you’ll know, but i’d advise you to keep some cash on you at all times (500rs,1000rs or more, it honestly depends on your spending habits).

**How strangers are perceived by the local community ? (exclude the europeans immigrants), i dont want to disrespect because of my ignorance**

I haven’t seen any direct animosity towards european immigrants, but I’ve seen creeps who catcall tourists and such. My advice would be to be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you.

**What is the average week groceries price for a single male ?**

As I said in another comment, good quality groceries are quite overpriced, for vegetables you’d rather go to a local market than buying them in retail stores. I live on around 5k per week. But I eat 4k calories a day, so my food intake is more than the average male, i’d say 3.5k to 4k is alright given you’re spending 500rs a day, that’d be around 15k a month on groceries.

NeKapS9 answered 10 months ago

Best is to stay around Port Louis and move out when you get your license. Electric scooters are easier and faster to get but then it is not safe/illegal to drive these on the motorway from Grand Baie to Port louis.

Another good location would be Albion. Near Port Louis, navigable with an electric scooter, the beach and some small supermarkets. However, you will need to book a taxi to go for night life etc in Grand Baie/ Flic en Flac.

AvatarAda answered 10 months ago

90k is ok… wont find it hard…enjoy

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