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GOWDA_BOY asked 10 months ago

Being around a Mauritian coworker is uncomfortable. I work in an American office with many Indian colleagues, including myself. Suddenly, a guy from Mauritius joined our team. Initially, I knew very little about his country, and honestly, most Indian Indians are unaware of Indian descendants on that island.This individual seems determined to distance himself from us Indians. However, his attempts only make him appear more fake and insecure. He always brings up peculiar facts about Indian poverty and expresses gratitude for being considered a slave in Mauritius. He also constantly talks about British and French cultures, which is amusing considering we have actual British Indians working for our multinational firm who don't say a word.If I had never met this person, I wouldn't know anything about him or his country. However, his obvious insecurity is off-putting to me and other Indians.

MCPShiMing answered 10 months ago

As a Sino-Mauritian-American, I get where this guy is coming from to a degree, but it’s so unnecessary to put down another country and another culture like that. I personally don’t like being identified as Chinese because my family and I have nothing to do with modern day China, and despite sharing many aspects of my culture with them, I don’t like being lumped together with people from China as though I’m one of them. But I work with a lot of Indians from India, and I actually use my Mauritian heritage as a bridge to connect with them culturally. And when I work with Chinese people, I prefer to focus on what we do share in our background, plus I get to learn some Mandarin from them. Also I only bring up my Mauritian background when it’s relevant, usually as background for a story or something like that. Pretty much everyone who knows me knows I’m Mauritian because it comes up at some point, but it’s not a defining trait of mine.

Also I’m surprised the India Indians haven’t heard of Mauritius. It’s a very popular tourist destination among Indians, and I’ve been told it’s commonly featured in Bollywood movies. Pretty much every Indian I know knows about Mauritius.

DeliciousBallz answered 10 months ago

Lol what? If you’re not in Mauritius, then don’t judge the country and its people based on one dumbass Mauritian you met in the U.S.

Mauritius is a very welcoming island. To all. It’s a very islander mindset. If anything, Indian heritage is seen with pride amongst Hindus here. Mauritians are well known to be neutral, non-aligned and with a focus on economic diplomacy. Cultural exchanges is promoted greatly here.

Even now, the current government keeps cosying up with Modi’s Hindu nationalist propaganda. (This is a factual statement, not political @mods)

If anything Mauritius is amongst the few countries in the world with Hindu majority, apparently nicknamed Little India even. Nepal and India being the other two. (Latest statistics may have changed)

If you feel the guy is being insulting, then tell him to stfu.

Sincara23 answered 10 months ago

Calm down dude, i am a Mauritian of Indian descent working abroad as well. While we are proud of our roots, we are even prouder of our unique blend of heritage, culture and moulds. Because of how we look, we are mistaken for Indians all the time, but the mindset, culture and lifestyle are vastly different, so i get why the guy would not want to be lumped together with Indians.

Mountainking7 answered 10 months ago

I would not like to get lumped with Indians too. Not saying anybody is superior but as a Mauritian, I believe we have our own culture and way of life way different from Indians and I think it’s fair for him to not want to be assimilated to any other culture/country.

It probably stems with him getting assimilated to indians all the time and having to deal with it..

Cedlic answered 10 months ago

So you’ve met one Mauritian and decided all Mauritians were the same and came here to lecture us? Go talk about your issues directly to your coworker or HR dude 🙄

MrPekko answered 10 months ago

Where’s the GIF option when you need it? HELLO ADMIN??

marchmadness3 answered 10 months ago

Sooo, what did you come here hoping to accomplish again?

throwaway-0789 answered 10 months ago

Lol, dunno what OP tried to accomplish with that rant. From his profile seem the dude is Indian that why he came to lash out.

Practical-Durian2307 answered 10 months ago

Bruh Mauritians aren’t all the same , I’m an Indian I have some great Mauritian friends but yeah I do feel some of them are still stuck in the past and don’t realize how far India has come and that India isn’t the country it used to be 200 years ago . Also a lot of India’s black money is laundered in the islands so India contributes massively to their economy as well , so I don’t know why some of them feel the need to dissociate from that fact either.

I would encourage all Mauritians to visit India atleast once now and see if their perspective on us changes or not , we have a huge country and yes some places aren’t that great but yes things have definitely changed.

Itens013x answered 10 months ago

I think people don’t want to be associated with Indians because of people like you lol you went on the country’s sub to cry yet pretend to not care, have some shame lol

kaii13au answered 10 months ago

I work abroad with people from many different countries, have some good indian friends, amazing personality, hardworking, great friends. But the sad truth is that the majority of indians are cunts and this is why we don’t want to be associated with them 🙁

roodraGM answered 10 months ago

I can’t understand what OP wants by publishing this here. Sure, there are bad eggs, but it’s not limited to only one country.

ConfectionHot6345 answered 10 months ago

Saar saar mauritiaaans baad mistar HR saar pls fire mauritiaass

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