QuestionsGeneral-MiscCreepy guys making videos of girls on the beach in Mauritius
Calm-Giraffe2157 asked 10 months ago

I am currently in Mauritius with my girlfriend and have noticed some individuals on certain beaches, such as Flic-en-Flac, who appear to be fully clothed and pretending to make video calls. Upon closer observation, it became apparent that they were actually recording videos of girls in bikinis. When the girls were lying on their stomachs, the individuals would simply aim the camera towards them, assuming that the girls wouldn't notice. However, when the girls were facing the individuals, they would pretend to make a regular phone call while keeping the phone pointed towards the girls.It is concerning that these individuals are capturing videos of unaware girls in such a manner. On my last visit to the beach, I noticed five of these guys engaging in the same behavior. I believe most girls would not want to be filmed by these creepy individuals.I am curious to know if this is a common occurrence and why these individuals engage in such behavior. As a tourist, I would also like to know if there is anything I can do about this situation.

jeyoung answered 10 months ago

> Is this normal? Why do they do this? And is there anything me as a tourist can do about it?

It is not normal behaviour, and most Mauritians are used to the sights of bikini-clad women on the beaches. They are either foreign workers, or the creepy minority.

You can inform the victims instead of confronting the perpetrators.

AceSpadePirate answered 10 months ago

Most of the people doing these videos are not from Mauritius. This all started when lots of cheap labour started getting imported to the island. My comment might get removed because of ‘racism or political’ but this is the truth and it is disgusting.

I wish there were some sort of security that we could report this kind of behaviour to in order to make our beaches safer.

Comfortable-Ad-5518 answered 10 months ago

Probably Bangladeshis.

DeliciousBallz answered 10 months ago

Inform the local police or coast guard. Tell them it’s unacceptable. Tell them it’s embarrassing that a so-called Paradise Island allows this.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t Mauritians, we’re used to Bikini lifestyle on our coasts since forever. I’ve seen them as well but didn’t have the guts to call them out back when I was 15.

JonJonSee answered 10 months ago

Usually Bengladesh/Indians guys.

Poorly educated ones here for cheaper job. Bringing their stupid culture and mindset here.

DisastrousCause9481 answered 10 months ago

Mauritian aren’t doing that kind of shit. Only expats

euh-yush answered 10 months ago

Most people here are nice but, there are a lot of dickheads in this country too(I live in the flacq district)

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