QuestionsGeneral-MiscFor all those who are waiting for the FNAF movie at cinema, we all have high hopes. Let’s take a look at whether they will drop it or NO.
Hoaxify asked 9 months ago

So we see that Mcine hasn't posted of any schedules after 26 oct so far. But here are the movies they have already posted that's been playing and will play:-Paw Patrol -Killers of the Flower Moon -Leo -Saw XNow, usually Mcine releases movie schedules for around 7 movies. So far, there have been only confirmed schedules about the 4 I have mentioned.In conclusion, there is a HIGH possibility we might see FNAF at Mcine. There is no way they lose out on a highly profitable movie with over 60+ million views on YouTube.

StarLord1228 answered 9 months ago

Whats FNAF?

Hopenderz answered 9 months ago

People are actually expected to watch this ?

pentarh answered 9 months ago

I think Willy’s Wonderland 2021 will beat that

AvatarAda answered 9 months ago

Im only saddened i didnt watch spiderman across the spiderverse at the cine

Temptiii answered 9 months ago

Coming from a long time fan i do hope they show it. Don’t have a lot of hope though being a niche topic mostly in the west.

Many_Performer_2278 answered 9 months ago

Hopefully it comes out

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