QuestionsGeneral-MiscI must be My.T dumb not to understand how thicc my walls are
alltheapex asked 4 weeks ago

I thought there was some cable issue somewhere in the Indian ocean. Little did I know my walls were too thick. Thanks for letting me know Mr Kapil Reesaul.

Can you help me set up my router plz?

Les ralentissements d’internet des connexions my.t de Mauritius Telecom (MT) seraient principalement dus à un mauvais signal Wi-Fi dans les maisons, selon Kapil Reesaul. Le Chief Executive Officer (CEO) de MT cite comme exemple des murs en béton qui empêchent le signal d’atteindre toutes les pièces d’un domicile. « Nous devons éduquer les gens à l’usage des répétiteurs qui permettent une meilleure couverture à l’intérieur.

Internet slowdowns on Mauritius Telecom (MT) my.t connections are mainly due to poor Wi-Fi signal in homes, according to Kapil Reesaul. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MT cites as an example concrete walls which prevent the signal from reaching all the rooms in a home. “We need to educate people on the use of repeaters which provide better indoor coverage.

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