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Logical-Beautiful-72 asked 10 months ago

Where can I find cold pressed sugarcane juice? Couldn't find any at Central Market PLouis, but I remember purchasing it last time at a Régatte.

Terrible_Parking7006 answered 10 months ago

You should check Caudan. There’s someone who sells fruit juice,you can probably find it there. 😀

Le_Parrain08 answered 10 months ago

It will definitely not be the same, but in Chong & Sons at Rose-Hill (Arcade) they sell Sugar Cane Juice in bricks like normal juice.
I’ve tried it multiple times and it’s absolutely delicious, tastes exactly like fresh sugarcane juice. Just put it in the fridge before 👌🏼✨.

indominus_rex007 answered 10 months ago

On La rue Desforges , vis a vis Tulsidas where Dr Joseph Riviere Street meets la rue Desforges, there's a man named Mr Neezam who sells cold pressed sugarcane juice.

thscene answered 10 months ago

Bagatelle mall has rejuice

Savings_Cup_5218 answered 10 months ago

Bagatelle Mall

Suraj3031 answered 10 months ago

Would anyone know someone in the south or curepipe ?

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