QuestionsGeneral-MiscMauritius (MRU) is not the place you see on postcards
cosmicdreamer111 asked 3 weeks ago

I wonder how many tourists actually like MRU. Because this place is not what you see on postcards. It is dirty. People have no manners. Car drivers routinely disrespect pedestrians. The beaches are dirty. The buildings are ugly. There is no night life and what little night life you see in the coastal areas are underwhelming and a bad imitation of the West. And do not forget that if you’re a white tourist, you get special treatment because white privilege is a real thing here (this is one of the dark secrets of MRU thanks to the French colonialism and the clan/caste-like functioning of the white Franco-Mauritians). The apparent “warmth” of the people is a massively overhyped thing because common civility is a standard expectation in every civilized society and in MRU, this “warmth” is more of an indulgent theatre that people gladly play into to impress gullible white tourists than an actual cultural wealth specific to MRU. I encourage every tourist who feels duped by the “Paradise Mauritius” PR scam to comment. 

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    Mauritius is believed to be the only known habitat of the now extinct flightless Dodo bird. The bird, once present in huge numbers on the island, was flightless owing to a shortage of predators and thus remained safe on the ground. The arrival of humans in the form of sailors saw vast numbers of dodos being killed for their meat. With humans came rodents and primates who destroyed and consumed the dodo's eggs. The entire dodo population was wiped out within a century.
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