QuestionsGeneral-MiscNeed to change headlights in car.
urrealthoughts asked 3 weeks ago

Hello. I need to change/upgrade my headlights as the left side is not working. I noticed on Facebook that there's a company named HARDTUNED that offers on-the-spot installation and provides HID and LED options. I consider myself a novice when it comes to headlights and bulbs. I believe my headlight is projector-style. Can someone please guide me? I've also heard of Irfan Eco Lighting. Which is the better option?P.s Which flair should i choose for car related question?

Diligent_Energy_4922 answered 3 weeks ago

Just give hardtuned a call ,they’ll guide you

GamingPC_69 answered 3 weeks ago

HARDTUNED for the win. They will take care of you!

GO20-C137 answered 3 weeks ago

It’s very easy to change the headlights in most modern cars. I’m sure you can find something on Youtube.

It should go like this. 1. Pop the hood. 2. Locate access behind the headlight. 3. Remove retention clips/covers. 4. Unplug the lamp. 5. Remove lamp and replace. 6. Do the above in reverse.

You’ll want to replace the lamp with another having the same rating. And OMG please dont buy the blinding 100W LED lights.

RRikesh answered 3 weeks ago

Hardtuned will also do the calibration for you, something which you won’t necessarily get from others. Their working hours are as from 17h through the night though.

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