QuestionsGeneral-MiscNeighbour’s dogs keep coming to my place and destroy my plants, how do i deal with it?
Phenom_st asked 8 months ago

So i have a neighbour, he is a police officer. He owns two puppys and they always come to my place and destroy my plants. I've got some fish in a tank. I've once see them eat one of my fishes. I've tried talking to the owner, I've gone to the police station also but nothing has changed. I want some advice on how to proceed to solve the problem? Who can i contact?

AceSpadePirate answered 8 months ago

Put pepper powder at the place where they enter. When the sniff it they will run away

ianik7777 answered 8 months ago

just buy a Rottweiler.

jeyoung answered 8 months ago

> I want some advice on how to proceed to solve the problem?

Get a fence put up.

> Who can i contact?

A builder.


PlanktonSad9695 answered 8 months ago

Fence up. That’s your solution.

Angrybird2025 answered 8 months ago

One of the very easy tricks is you have to make the dogs afraid of you. Wait for them to come and scare them. Puppies are mischievous. When they are young they do damage many things. Once they grow they dnt mess things up. So basically scaring them is the trick.

rghfuntime answered 8 months ago

cayenne pepper. should work

Significant_Reward22 answered 8 months ago

Remember, as humans, we did deforestation. We destroyed natural habitats of animals. We destroyed plants..
Then we made our ‘own’ place….

Whatever we are experiencing, is a karmic reaction to our most unconscious actions.

No_Squirrel_5990 answered 8 months ago

The solution has been shared.

Just wanted to add to how stupid Mauritian law is, regardless if this person is a police officer or king of the seven seas, rules are rules.

The judicial system is a joke, like what if you were really attached to your fish.

Is it really okay for dogs to go and destroy personal belongings? So does that make it okay for you to go and destroy things on his property? Where does it end?

aramjatan answered 8 months ago

Love the puppies more than he does. Ultimately adopt puppies.

Existing_Switch7250 answered 8 months ago

Go to a shelter on a day where they’re putting dogs down. Ask for one of the bodies, go home, and butcher it well, slowly begin adding dog to your diet. Once you begin running low, explain to your neighbor that his dog is in danger; because you’re low on meat, and it’s not like you can just dog nap people’s pets. The day after you run out of meat, and the neighbors dogs come, just take a good bite out of one. By then, your neighbor should understand that it’s not safe for his dogs to be over in his yard.

vuc_alex answered 8 months ago

Fence up and then be kind enough to approach your neighbor and tell him about it

FireBraguette answered 8 months ago

Ok since you’re not getting the actual information you need I provided you with a PDF of the Law regarding pet dogs in Mauritius.

This document is still valid to this day.

Your neighbour is breaching the law on;
PART 5 – N°32, 1 (a) (b) and 2 (a)

I’d go out on a limb and assume that he’s also breaching
PART 5 – N°31, 1 (a)

You should submit a complaint to the POLICE who, in turn, have to contact the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT with threats of pressing charges with a lawyer if nothing is done and trust me you’ll see a fence in no time.

This is what we had to do to our neighbour who refused to fence his yard and kept a German Sheperd on a chain 24/7.

After the police came and threaten to take the dog away, there was a fence put up in less than 5 days.
Now the dog looks happy and is chain free!

[The Law regarding domesticated dogs in Mauritius]


RedDemonCorsair answered 8 months ago

You will have to ask for compensation from your neighbour. Until he has to pay he probably won’t give too much shit. And tell your neighbour to build a fence around HIS house. He can’t let puppies roam freely wtf.

Mountainking7 answered 8 months ago

Fencing up is not a solution. That axxhole should keep his dog in his yard. If you don’t have the time, fenced yard or space to rear an animal, then don’t burden others by leaving your dog unattended/free to roam.

Personally, if that thing comes in my yard, I will aggressively chase it off (not going to say how here) but after some time, the dog will get it and stop coming.

PS: It would be very easy for some people to do ‘bad’ stuffs but the poor dog is going to suffer and die. AND the person would go scoff free as he is ‘treating’ some ‘rat problem’ or something like this…..

That person just does not realize this.

THEPumpkinglord answered 8 months ago

If you have a neighbor, destroy her with your eggplant. If not a hot neighbor or not, a woman destroys the door with some poison in your place. No one can blame you for pest control

Even_Clerk3905 answered 8 months ago

Ahh yes i know that situation very well.. Be petty about the plants, ask your neighbour to either pay for the damages or get yourself a good quality high end water gun and blast the dogs every time they come even near your property lol…

On the serious side. Contact MSAW, tell them that those puppies are unsupervised and destroy your garden; collect video evidence, post it over on FB or something. Get the reference number from your complaint to MSAW.

Get noisy about it online. FB likes those kind of stories so go post it where you know people will fight over the issue (a bit like here, but on FB it will be WAAAY worse hahaha)

Call a private radio too, but first, you go back to that police station and you MAKE THEM lodge an entry for damage of property (your plants, your fishes, etc) and get the reference number from them. If that particular police station does not want to take that deposition, you go to the regional HQ to lodge that deposition AND lodge another one for the Police station that denied you as well. Always get the reference numbers. With those numbers, and if nothing changes, you contact local radios and give all reference numbers on hand, they will do the rest i guess.

In any cases, if the dogs are not trained, they will do much worse in your property. In a dog’s brain, everywhere it have access to is his in the end, specially if it starts pissing around. Get that sorted ASAP else that will become easily hell.

Lucky you for having enough brain cells to seek help. Owner behaviour like the one you described is the reason why generic Mauritians think that it is ok to poison other peoples’ pets here.

DreaddKnight answered 8 months ago

That’s how the dogs are showing their love to you. Accept it.

Significant-Mango246 answered 8 months ago

Cut the plant

AnneSolo07 answered 8 months ago

Go see him and tell him that due to rats infestation, you will be putting some rodent repellent in your yard and that you are afraid that it might be poisonous to his puppies. Co plain a lot about the rodents infestation in your yard and house and that you have no choice but to resort to rat poison.

See what he does…

Complete-Way-2348 answered 8 months ago

Mine bouillie a la sauce du woof woof it is.

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