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StarLord1228 asked 3 weeks ago

Hello! i've searched this website but couldn't find a step by step or clear instruction on how to sell a car to someone. I bought i reconditioned car some years back and now i want to sell it. What are the steps and procedure to do so? Thank you!

InternetDifficult443 answered 3 weeks ago

not really sure too .. but from what i know there should be just a contract between the 2 parties and usually it is the buyer who will have to go for registration and all … but if you have insurance and you want to transfer it … that should be done on your end

indominus_rex007 answered 3 weeks ago

Step 1 : Know your vehicle value

Step 2:
Find a potential buyer by posting an ad.
You will need a few information about your vehicle (make, model, mileage, age…) so don’t forget to have your horse power, at least a picture of your vehicle.

Step 3:
Obtain a deed of sale (contract) here : [](

Obtain a ‘Certificat de gage’ from the NTA (Rs 50) to certify that your vehicle is not burdened with a lien, call 202 2800.

Step 4 : Both of you should fill up *3 ORIGINALS* of the deed of sale, and once you get the money, transfer the ownership to the new person by providing him with the car’s registration book, 2 original deed of sale, and certificat de gage.

Step 5: Ensure that the deed of sale should be registered at the Registrar General’s Department within 15 days of the sale transaction. The buyer should register this.

Step 6 : Enjoy the money , invest somewhere or buy a new car

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