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Little-Award-111 asked 9 months ago

I'm looking for suggestions for tuition teachers in chemistry, mathematics, and general paper who prioritize helping students with their weaknesses rather than criticizing and discouraging them. I struggle with anxiety surrounding academic performance and teachers, and it greatly affects me. While I excel in mathematics, my skills in chemistry are lacking. Since I was young, I have loved English and I hope to find a teacher who is passionate and dedicated to helping me improve. I want someone who will guide me in enhancing my writing skills instead of simply grading my papers and sending me home without explanation. It is important to me that the teachers I choose are motivated and enthusiastic about teaching. Given the circumstances, I am in desperate need of a positive learning environment. I am open to attending tuition classes anywhere in Mauritius as long as these criteria are met. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

indominus_rex007 answered 9 months ago

For mathematics, I would highly recommend

Mr Deepak Bheekhee at Arsenal in the North 57669427.

streamer3222 answered 9 months ago

I was a student of Mr. Bheenick in Chemistry. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes and also his ‘sarcastic stupidity’ in which he belittles himself to make us learn! I also believe in his approach that to learn more effectively, you have to make yourself stupid instead of knowing everything.

He taught at RCC a long time ago, and I don’t know if he has yet retired. Wherein he always taught the students ego and boastfulness will never carry over in the exams.

He lives in Mesnil and his tel. is 696 9368.

(The two Bheenicks in the Hall of Laureates at RCC, it’s their father!)

Lesbian_disaster29 answered 9 months ago

Anyone knows some in Beau Bassin or Rose Hill?

Escanor1365 answered 9 months ago

From my personal experience, it is not the teacher that makes you a better one. Its through self learning, loads of learning and doing maximum past exams papers.

tkiki6693 answered 9 months ago

For mathematics you can ask for Mr Ibrahim at Port louis and for general paper, Mrs Issany, also at Port Louis. Dm i can share the contact number. They are really worth it. I have not done chemistry at school so for that i acnnot recommend you.

For maths i have other teachers. If anyone need please dm.

L0RDND answered 9 months ago

For chemistry Mr shadoobuccus, pamplemousse..
Maths Mr Goga, plaine verte, small batch and doesn’t scream at you

Awkward_Low_8898 answered 9 months ago

Mathematics – Mr Seebaluck Pamplemousse
Small batch usually. Takes time to correct individual papers and answer questions. Might stay after class to clear issues individually.

Gp – Mr Ahmad Pamplemousse
Good, content wise. You’ll learn lots of stuff. But personally I felt quite lost given the amount of students he has. Little personal attention.

roboto_ answered 9 months ago

Who here remembers Wan Hok Chee in Curepipe for mathemathics?

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